We make over 40 unique blends in our Boutique Micro Factory and new additions are created regularly. Here is a small selection of what we have to offer. For more information call 877-543-5013.

The Go West
Mild Body - Creamy
Mild, smooth, and mellow. A creamy, flavorful smoke that is perfect any time of day or night. Perfect for new cigar smokers and longtime cigar lovers alike. Feat. leaves from the Caribbean, Central and South America

La Jefa
Mild Body - Lightly Spicy
Mild with a light spice…balanced for flavor & never bitter. A more traditional Cuban Style mild.
Features leaves from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The Brooklyn
Mild Body - Earthy
This blend features earthy notes that sit on the tongue. Beautiful white ash. Paired with the Dominican Blonde wrapper it is a superb compliment to a fine scotch, highlighting woody and oak notes.
Features leaves from South America

The H2 Perfecto
Medium Body - Cream and Cocoa tones
Mega-rich and highly aromatic. This smoke is mellow, creamy with deep cocoa tones and boasts the most amazing aroma. An incredibly relaxing cigar.
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

Medium Body - Bright & Spicy
Our interpretation of the Cuban Cohiba…without the bite. This blend features a clean, bright spice on the top of the palette and a pleasantly smooth, creamy finish. Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

La Tradicion II
Medium Body - Earthy & Spicy
Showcasing Cuban Style blending at its finest. We incorporate the Seco, Volado, & Ligero leaves from Santo Domingo and then add a touch of Columbia to make this masterpiece! A Must Smoke!
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

The Sapphire
Medium Body - Creamy & Leathery notes
A mellow smoke with smooth, caramel & leathery tones…and just a hint of almond. Rich & creamy earthy flavors are harmonized with nuances of nuttiness.
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

Exotic Full Body
This cigar is OFF THE HOOK! It is full of Mega Flavor so much so that it will make your mouth water! Rich wood notes, beautiful Molasses tones, and a strength that is undeniable. We recommend you have a designated driver after smoking this baby. WOW!
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

The Boss
Medium Body - Balanced Spiciness
A solid smoke that balances spicy notes with an earthy base for a rich bold flavor that is rich and full…hitting flavor notes all over the palette and tongue. Originally built to compliment Johnny Walker Blue.
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

The Opal
Medium Body - Complex, Multi-faceted flavor
Presents a unique interplay of spice, earthiness, & pepper. A light & highly flavorful blend balanced to present rich flavors normally reserved for fuller bodied cigars. Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

The Bostonian
Full Body - Earthy
A serious full body that has strong earth tones of leather, wood, & low spice. NOT your typical mega-spicy full body that bites your tongue off. Very complex blending.
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

La Perla
Full Body - builds momentum from mellow to WOW!
A Full Body blend that starts easy and builds to prominent spicy notes on the top of the palate. This "Sneaker" really gains momentum as you smoke it. Buckle your seatbelt and smoke it to the nub!
Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America

The Lady M
Exotic Full Body - Rich & Decadent
This is a flavor packed, spicy full body that is bursting with flavor. Makes your mouth water. You can't put this cigar down, but it will sit you down in your chair. Features leaves from the Caribbean and South America


Connecticut Shade
This is a light colored and light flavored wrapper. It is creamy and mild. We use Connecticut Shade seed grown in Ecuador because it has an 8 month growing season which allows for the leaf to mature longer on the plant and develop more creamy notes.

Dominican "Blonde"
The technical term for this wrapper is Deflorada. In English, this means "de-flowered" because this wrapper is taken from the tobacco plant after the flower is pinched off . We re-named this wrapper to make it easier to say and remember! It is lighter than your Dominican Sun Dried, in both color and flavor. It is richer than the Connecticut Shade and carries a hint of sweetness.

Ecuador Oscuro
Oscuro means "dark" in Spanish, and this wrapper is a deep red-brown color. It is not a true Maduro. This wrapper holds it's own place in our humidor. It has a rich flavor full of low, woody notes and a bit of a spice.

We are currently using Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. This wrapper is deep, dark, and rich. It features beautiful low notes and is a bit woody with a hint of spice. It is a very oily wrapper that is sure to please.

*Depending on availability, we carry different strains of Maduro.

We make double twist wrappers on any fill. We can build them with Connecticut Shade and Ecuador Oscuro or Connecticut Shade and Maduro, depending on what flavor way you would like to enhance. They are fondly referred to as "Candy Canes for Adults"!

Special Runs / Limited Editions
We also produce limited runs of special cigars that feature wrappers aged in Coffee, Rum, Tequila, and other wonderful secret mixes. These wrappers fall under the name "Anejo". Call us for current inventory.

*Note - Although many factories make mild cigars in light wrappers and strong cigars in dark wrappers, we offer you mild, medium, & full body fills in all of our wrappers - so don't let the industry rules confuse you! We are proud to build cigars that push the boundaries of what is possible and we make full bodied cigars in our mildest wrappers and mild cigars in our darkest wrappers too! It is all about flavor at the House of Cigars.

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