Templo Yoruba Omo Orisha
Puerto Rico

Carretera 19 Kilometro 0.3
Barriada Monacillos
Sector La Marina
San Juan, PR

Dirección Postal:
P.O. Box 11217
Caparra Heights Station,
PR 00922




The principal tree of the Yoruba Temple of Puerto Rico has a rich history from it's own cultural and religious history of the island. The central part of this religious institution is the Oluo, Roberto Boluffer, Ogunda Leni, Omo Oddu, which his own roots come from Santa Clara, Cuba.

Since he was a little child, he was stroke by the ritual of his neighbors that come from the Congo, Ogunda Leni was raised in a Catholic house. He was initiated into the Santeria religion by his godmother Chango Lari, crowning him Shango and then entering the Ifa culture with his Ifa priest, Diego Fontela.

More than 30 years later, Roberto Boluffer, Ogunda Leni, has more than 80 initiated godchildren to the Ifa culture. He is an Omo Oddun, the highest rank babalawo, who has received Olofi, in the Santeria hierarchy.

Ogunda Leni is considered the foremost expert Oluo of Santeria and Ifa in Puerto Rico; in fact he introduced the Ifa system to Puerto Rico. He has been contacted by hundreds of radio and television programs, conferences and participated in many debates, and other presentations conducted throughout the years, including distinguished universities in Puerto Rico, the United States and Latin America. On many occasions, he has represented the Ifa/Santeria religion in many important discussions panels of religious character, cultural and sociologists forums .

The Templo Yoruba has been developing side by side with Ogunda Leni. Surprisingly, this was originated, with the help of Dr. Ricardo Alegria, director of the Cultural Institute of Puerto Rico, a recognized historian who from the beginning knew the socio-cultural value of the Yoruba Religion. For a short period, the reunions were held at the Institute of Cultural of Puerto Rico, then relocated to the small Temple in Loiza City.

The Institution found a larger venue, in Monacillos at the San Juan City. At this location, the central government offered a piece of land for the Temple to be constructed , but the promise never took place. Therefore, the Yoruba Temple were established inside the Industrial Park, the same place in a near by location where it is currently established.

With more than 30 operational years, the Yoruba Temple offers workshops and classes- to either initiated or non-like social help programs, reunions and special events, like the opening of the Year every January 1. To collect funds for the Social programs, the Temple do bingo games once a week.

The actual membership of the Yoruba Temple of Puerto Rico has reached 50,000 members, besides many non-membership Santeros assist the Temple and use the directions as personal guidance in their religion practice.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has officially recognized this institution as a church with every legal and civil rights that accompanies them.

Beside the Yoruba Temple Omo Orisha, in Texas, this Puerto Rican institution is also supporting the opening of a third one in Venezuela; something that Ogunda Leni considers as "two branches from the same tree".

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